Chatcommands for the livestream

When the livestream is live, various chatcommands can be given to control the train and other elements.

Train control

Type start to start the train.
Type stop to stop the train.

Type s1 to change the trainspeed to 1.
Type s2 to change the trainspeed to 2.
Type s3 to change the trainspeed to 3.
Type s4 to change the trainspeed to 4.

5 is maximum speed.

There are 3 different trains to control:

Type t1 to select train 1.
Type t2 to select train 2.
Type t3 to select train 3.
If no train is selected then train 1 will be controlled.

Type ledon to turn on the trains headlights.
Type ledoff to turn off the trains headlights.
Currently only train 1 has headlights.

Interactive elements

Christmas Tree

Type tree to pause or unpause the tree light movement. More control is to come!


Type bu to send the balloon up.
Type bd to send the balloon down.
Type bs to stop the balloon mid-air.

Type bfon to turn on balloon fire.
Type bfoff to turn off balloon fire.

The Balloonfire module is created by Giottist.

Type bl to turn on balloon floodlights.


Type police to send the police.


Type h to turn on all house lights.

All house lights can also be controlled individually.
Type h1 to turn on lights in house 1.
Type h2 to turn on lights in house 2.
Type h3 to turn on lights in house 3.
Type h4 to turn on lights in house 4.
Type h5 to turn on lights in house 5.
Type h6 to turn on lights in house 6.
Type h7 to turn on lights in house 7.

Type lava to turn on the lavalamp.
Type g to turn on the light under the Galileo thermometer.
Type salt to turn on the light in the saltrock.

Type coil to turn on the lights in the coil.
Type brake to turn on the old red brakelight.
Type rgbl to turn on an rgb ledstrip on the left.
Type rgbr to turn on an rgb ledstrip on the right.

Type fire to turn on the fire simulation.
Type hd to turn on the disco inside the little house.

Type laser to turn on the laser.

Type snow to turn on the snow effect.
Type colors to turn on the colored christmas lights.

Most of the elements have a toggle feature, so if you type a command again, the element will switch off again.


You can play games on the chat to win points. The points have no real value except that you can buy images with the points that will show onscreen, like a policeman, or a cleaner.

Double Dice

Type ddice to play double dice. Throw two sixes to win 100 points or throw double for 25 points.

All in

Type allin to play double or nothing. Throw two doubles to double your points. When you loose you are left with 0 points.

Luck meter

Type bot luck to see how lucky you are

Buy images with points

An image costs 25 points.

Type buy santa to show a LEGO Santa.
Type buy santa to show a weird Santa.
Type buy snowman to show a LEGO snowman.
Type buy police to show a police officer.
Type buy cleaner to show a cleaner.
Type buy mrgold to show MR GOLD.
Type buy lego to show a stack of LEGO bricks.
Type buy alien to show the alien.
Type buy card to show a BBM Subscribe card.
Type buy silence to show the IKY Silencer!
Type buy monster to show a Trixbrix Monster Crossover.
Type buy xing to show a Trixbrix Crossing.
Type buy merch1 to show BBM Merch.
Type buy merch2 to show BBM Merch.
Type buy saturn to show saturn.
Type buy rockdad to show the world famous RockDad69.

Talk to the bot

You can talk to the bot. It can respond in various ways but the response is limited as it is still learning

Type for example: bot How are you?
Some other commands are:

bot what do you want
bot give me a number
bot who are you?
bot what can you do?
It can respond to a lot more questions so just try it! Just be careful with typo's! The bot doesn't understand typo's.